Video Enhance AI - Chaining processes


I discovered the Topaz products quite recently and I am quite impressed with how it is quick and easy to achieve nice results.
I’m working on a restauration project with multiple sources as segments I have to assemble. For that sake, I would require to do multiple pass process on a single segment such as:

  • Denoising
  • Adjusting framerate
  • Upscaling

I have yet to find a way to chain these in such a way that each process would use as an input the resulting segment from the previous process. How would that be possible ?

This is where losing the command-line functionality really hurts. It was easy to script up a multi-step flow that way, but now there is no way to do this as far as I can tell.

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See if Power Automate will bring you forward in any way:

You’ll need to be able to do a single specific processing on VEAI. If that is possible, then you should be able to exit VEAI after the processing is ready. Finally, you would start VEAI to do the second task etc.

This WILL WORK, if the Topaz VEAI can be controlled via a KEYBOARD!