Video Enhance AI 3.0 not usable at all with image sequences

Hi geeks!
I recently upgraded my VEAI to version 3 and can’t use it as nothing works as it should:

  • as told in other posts we can’t load content from network
  • Can’t run any preview on image sequences, showing a “processing failed” message
  • Can’t export data from image sequences

I’m using a 3060 RTX card with driver up to date, my image sequences are png files named as following “filename_framenumber.png”

Have you encountered the same issues?

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I’m literally having the same issue, i try to import an image sequence from blender and it doesn’t import anything at all.

Hey i found the solution, in case anyone else is having this issue all you have to do is make sure your image sequence is named properly. In my case i exported my image sequence in steps of 2 so it was counting 1,3,5,7,9 etc… Topaz will only import the image sequence if it’s counting properly in 1’s so you just have to Select all your frames and click the rename button and all your frames will be renamed and numbered by whatever name you chose. Hope this helps! (Also wish they would make it easier to import image sequences like every other video editing software)