Video Enhance 2.4 strips all original color metadata (and ruining sound with AAC LC codec)

I was using 100% size denoise/deblock on my master Quicktime ProRes HQ SDR/HDR UHD (rec 709, DCI and Rec 2020 video files).

I could not believe but the app screw up audio and video at once:

The source audio was uncompressed PCM 24bit 48kHz --> now it’s transcoded to AAC LC 96kbit/s !!! it sounds awful.

The video is denoised/deblocked BUT the app erased/stripped all the Color Metadata!!!

No color primaries,
no transfer functions,
no YCbCr Matrix,
no Code Points.

The video looks bad, completely wrong because of lack of metadata (it’s not a color shift).
I did 4 days denoise session… All goes to the trash.

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Because VEAI lack of MKV support, you need to use Mkvtoolnix to mux the original audio into the new upscaled footage. The color changed a bit because of denoising and upscaling process, you can fix that with color grading or something.
Professional is about understanding those thing. Not just blame the software. Every software has its limitation. Find a way to fix that is better than just wait for the software to fix it for you. One can’t call themselves a professional when they just let the software do its job automatically.

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Hi Victor, I’m using QuickTime not MKV container.
The color has changed dramatically not a bit because of missing metadata (No color primaries,
no transfer functions, no YCbCr Matrix, no Code Points) after the processing. I’m aware of possible slight color change caused by denoising but it’s not the case.

To address the audio issue, use ffmpeg and do this:

  1. Extract the audio from the source
  2. Insert the audio into the newly upscaled video

ffmpeg is free. Yes it adds a couple of steps to your workflow, but for 20 min clips the extraction takes seconds and the audio/video re-compiling takes less than 10 minutes, even on fairly modest hardware.