Video Enahnce 2.6.3 no playback anymore

The latest version no longer plays the video when I click on play. In fact the pause button is greyed out. Clicking on it does nothing. If I click the space bar the icon changes to a grayed out play button - but does not actually play the video. If I drag the slider around the frame does not update. The only way to see what frame I am on is to click the Preview button and that will update the frame, and I can cancel out of preview. But then I am still stuck with a non working slider and non working play button.

So it turns out it’s just a single video file that does this. Here are the specs of that file. I don’t know if it’s related, but when I try to do Artemis Strong Dehalo on this video, the sound becomes out of sync. Even if I delete the audio and remux the original audio in the audio starts a second late.

[Used Filter List]
(1) Built-in MKV Source
(2) Built-in Video Codec/Transform
(3) Enhanced Video Renderer(Custom Present)
(4) Built-in Audio Codec/Transform
(5) DirectSound Audio Renderer

[Video Information]
Codec: AVC1 - Built-in FFmpeg Decoder(h264, Thread Frame)
Input type: AVC1(24 bits)
Input size: 1280 × 768(1.67:1)
Output type: NV12(12 bits)
Output size: 1280 × 768(1.67:1)
Frame rate: 30
BitRate: Unknown

[Audio Information]
Codec: AAC(0xaac0) - Built-in FFmpeg Decoder(aac)
Sample rate: 48000 → 48000 samples/sec
Bits per sample: 32 → 16 bits/sample
Channels: 2 → 2 channels
Bitrate: 0 kbps