Video AI Update is failing

When I am trying to update Video AI, it downloads the update, then the installer starts, but after clicking continue, it errors with a message that says Installation ended prematurely. Screenshot attached. Please help.
Topaz Video AI error

Uninstall and delete the previous version from your system and then download a fresh installer and run it. It sounds like the update inside the app got stalled and is hung up.

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I have the same problem. I uninstalled the 4.01 version and now I am stuck without any version of Topaz Video AI as it refuses to install. What I have tried: 1. Uninstalled older version. 2. Deleted registry entries for Topaz Video AI 3. Stopped all other programs including ransomware protection, Antivirus and Firewall. Nothing works.

If you are on a Windows system then try using this Windows Troubleshooter to help resolve the issue.

Sorry, but this did not help. The troubleshooter suggested that I uninstall the only version of Topaz I can install (ver.3.) It did not work, Version 5 installation still fails. The troubleshooter was out of suggestions.

The installer always rollsback the installation and gives the same error message posted above by subhadipsas642.