Video AI Tiff Image Sequences also drop frames

Today I thought I would attempt to get around the unresolved issue of rendered Pro Res files dropping the last one or two frames.

Currently I have a swag of FHD files to deinterlace, and I in the past when working in Video AI I found the best way to avoid a clip’s motion blurring is to select Replace Duplicate Frames and set the Sensitivity at 15. This I have found sharpens clips and does away with movement blur.

In any case I output the clip as a 16bit Tiff image sequence, with the intention of later re-rendering it in After Effects or Premier Pro as a Pro Res file. Unfortunately, as good as the deinterlacing model is in this application, once again I am missing the last frame. As previously instructed I have turned off my video export Without Preview.

Over to you Topaz Labs.


Thanks so much for providing this feedback. We’ve just built a new beta version of Video AI available now that should resolve this issue. Here’s a link to download it:


If everything goes as planned, this fix will be made public on Tuesday for our 3.3.2 stable release.