Video AI "Pro"?

A quote from the op of the new beta thread:

The suffix “Pro”, suggests a paywall is incoming for this new feature. I don’t have a multiple gpu setup (and I’m not likely to in the future), so this won’t affect me, but what other features are going to be “Pro”?


As of now all we know is this feature (Multi-GPU optimization) reserved for Pro version.

The Pro version based on how I am reading things between the lines, is aimed more for Professional market and studios that have computing rig for mass production that need more parallel computing support, not something a Home/Armature user have/need anyway.
So it is more optimized for multi processing, threading and grid processing.
Not something that an average home user would need. I don’t see pro version providing any advantage AIs that Standard version doesn’t or better quality, or better performance on single computer/CPU/GPU.

Think of it like: Windows 11 vs. Windows Server 2022, both could run all your home Apps and tools at pretty much the same way and performance, but Windows server could also do enterprise functions that a home user don’t use or need.

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I hope that’s the way it goes, and Topaz doesn’t start putting other more useful new features in the pro version.


History will tell.

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Right what you say… but still the fear “remains,” because they could very well make some new feature useful even for home users available only for this new “PRO” plan… I really hope not!

We will see!


I don’t know if this is a public-traded company or not, but if it is, then we all know where this is going, full programs with paywalled tiers and any other microtransactions that they can milk out of users is common for software/gaming companies, sure it may start as a tier for pros, but this will only be the beginning as this may be a trial feature, depending on how much they can get away with.

Unfortunately the mainstream are not very discerning when it comes to value, as they don’t question much as they’re conformists, so any aggressive monetisation (charging for extra features for full programs) will not dissuade them from throwing their money away, as their sheep-like behaviour will most likely accept the change…

This is all speculation, of course, so let’s hope it stays that way!


The new functionality is interesting, but the software is already paid, so splitting up the program is inadvisable.


I’m really curious to see what the Pro version offers over the “regular” one. If the Pro version packs in significantly better features – like higher-quality AI upscaling, stabilization, interpolation models, or even things like diffusion-based upscaling (at reasonable speeds!), SDR-to-HDR conversion, white balance adjustments, tweaking shadows and highlights in videos, colorizing black and white footage, that kind of stuff – then the Pro version would be a no-brainer for me.

I wonder if the “Pro” could be a subscription while the regular version retains the current payment system.

We already pay $300 annually in order to keep all programs up-to-date, how about they not chop up the program in tiers instead?

If we learned anything from software companies it’s that they will bilk you dry of every cent that you own, ON TOP OF your initial purchase of their full programs, if we allow them to… It’s no different from hypothetically buying a vehicle, at full price, and being charged a monthly fee in order to unlock the fuel tank/battery after the intimal complimentary 2 gallons/charge!

The majority of mainstream consumers would be their most valued customers, as they are the ones that gleefully allow companies to bilk them over features that should have been included in the original product in the first place, we see this with the AAA gaming industry all the time!


First of all, the name “Pro” is offensive to all the professionals already using the program.
Professional video makers use this on a daily basis for everything. From restoring old footage to enhancing the picture detail, stabilizing - you name it!
These are “PROS” using a professional-priced program already. It is not - by any means - cheap.

I don’t even see the reason to “split” the program to 2 versions.
But let’s say they must do it.
They must keep the current form for everyone and add some enterprise features to the new format. And - obviously - name it “Enterprise” version.
These features should be exclusively targeted to big studios.
Features like multi-licensing, network rendering, project sharing, remote features etc.
All other features (quality of processing, speed, model and app updates) MUST remain the same between the two versions.
Extra versions always add to a program. You don’t make an extra version to remove features from the existing version. If anything you make a new, cheaper version with less features. You just don’t remove features with no price change.

Otherwise this is just a scheme to suck more money out of every other user.
I am sorry, but it is simple as that.


Not saying I like the idea of pro, but if they changed to ‘pay once per model’. The ‘Pros’ could fork out money for the full collection of models. Personally, of the 27 or so models TVAI offers, I only use about 4.
In this hypothetical situation, users would still be able to try out all the models with a watermark—just like the trial mode. It should be easy for Topaz to figure out what models are popular/useful or not and improve upon them. I’d rather pay 5 dollars (intentional low-ball) for the latest version of the model I like, than full price for some unknown-might-be-useless-to-me-model.
It could be beneficial to use users. Or they could make it stink.

I respect Topaz for trying really hard to not be a subscription based service. They are many ways they could make it better for all of us though. This current ‘Pro’ version for running more GPUs at a time does not like like they are going in the right direction.

These sorts of features illustrate something that should just as easily be an upgrade to the original (5.1+) software, splitting it up is pretty much the same as downgrading the original, which would be problematic.

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I suspect all new features could go to the PRO version. Meaning that they are milking for more $

Sad. I have gone to really love this software

Alot of these video AI upscaling softwares already have crazy license subscription stuff. I was so pissed off at the UI they introduced in V4 (I think) I really did not want to renew TVAI and was looking for something else. Then I realized they’re all horrible with licenses, not even considering how well they work.

I usually ignore updates even though I have a paid license. I just noticed the thing about improved multi GPU utilization, I have always ran with 2 GPUs so I updated. I still have to test it out but I noticed that “Pro” thing and I can only use single video mode, which is not the one I would have selected otherwise.

If I had to guess I’d suspect they are going to do a split pro version just as everyone suggested. I don’t understand what the hell they think people have been spending a couple hundred bucks a year for. They dump out some buggy ass software, then your subscription goes to paying for updates that are mostly just bug fixes. Then they completely redesign it every 18 months and start the bug cycle again. It should be bug free (or close to it) from day one, if I’m paying for a subscription, I’m paying for added features, that I don’t really have a problem with. If they segment off some of the features then they are obviously gimping the standard version so they can add that to the pro stuff. If they do segment off a pro version…I’m done renewing and my last version better be usable forever as that’s what I agreed to.