Video AI out of memory error

TVAI: v3.1.5. I have a 4k clip (appx 2 mins) I was upscaling 4x. At the 99% done it issued an out of memory error. This is odd as I have a Mac M1 Studio Max w/64bg RAM. It was the only app running other than the TL site in Safari. I tried the same process with upscale to 8k and still got an out of memory error. Using default 422 ProRes, stabilize, jitter, denoise.

I went into “preferences” and reduced memory usage, and put number of processes to 1. Hope that helps you.

You ever find a solution to this? I’ve also got an M1 Mac Studio (Ultra) and it seems to kick that error up after maybe 10 converts. Even if it’s the only thing running. Sometimes rebooting my computer and trying again will get it going again… sometimes I have to delete the app and totally reinstall it. Sucks doing that every day or every other day.
Every version and memory set to only use 10%.
Seems crazy to me the only other people I see experiencing it are on Mac Studios.

I had it come back up today and turned process count from 2 to 1. Running an enhance now on 4k to 4k with Proteus. GPU running at 99% to 100%. Max cpu cores at appx 60%.

Ive just purchased Video AI & Im hitting the same issue. I have a Mac Studio M1 Ultra with 64gb RAM & 2T SSD. Ive got a 1.5 second 4k clip & all Ill Im trying to do is have a go with 4x slow motion - cant handle it ??? says out of memory. Ive got nothing else running when its trying to process, Im watching activity monitor & its sat at 5%, have over 1T on harddrive but no joy. Ive reduced processes to 1 - there’s no other filters so at a loss :frowning: . did you ever find a solution please

I never received a solution or recognition of an issue. The ticket vaporized.

However, I have been actively working with support on similar issues with PhotoAI. After several months of back and forth they have acknowledged they found memory leak issues. I’m assuming that both apps share some design attributes, so it’s possible there’s also a memory leak with Video AI that needs to be fixed. HTH.