Video AI makes my 2019 Mac Pro's Fan (uncomfortably) Loud!

So much so that I have stopped it. I do very heavy lifting (audio) on my Mac Pro and have never heard my 2019 make that sound before.

Anyone else having this issue?

This is not really an issue but just due to TVAI using the computers resources much more than most other Apps.

With that, in order to not overheat, the fans have to turn up. And since Apple is known to turn up the fans really late I guess you definitely should leave it at that. Check the temperatures.

That’s quite normal with todays Mac models unfortunately. The first time I heard this was with my 5 k iMac model 2014 bought new in 2015. The only fan in the iMac had to cool down both the CPU and GPU. It was quite audible from 2000 rpm upwards. The second experience was my 2018 MacBook Pro 13 inch with the single fan. Quite annoying considering that the same looking model of 2013 before as well as the 2018 model but with the touch bar were almost silent.