Video AI: File size export to big

Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to best reduce the file size for Video AI exports?

For testing I ran a 500mb 1920 x 1080 h264 file through Video AI v4 with a output resolution of 1920 x 1080, Motion Deblur set to auto and Enhancement set to auto and exported 20GB file at 1920 x 1080 h264.

The video quality that was exported is a lot better than the solution we are currently using however the files sizes being exported are too big for us to give to an end user to work with. If we have to encode the video file using another program each time we run a video through Video AI in order to reduce the files size than operating cost of using Video AI will be too high and not many people will want to pay for the process.

You can change the Encoder to H265 or AV1 and set the export quality to low, it will reduce the file size significantly.

Why? Handbrake reencodes the video in a few minutes on any faster system.
In comparison to the time Topaz needs this should not matter much.

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Yep. Especially if you use NHEVC and have a decent video card.

I just picked up Video AI after lurking for months.

In my initial experimentation, I’ve found the following regarding file size for a 25 min show that I upscaled from standard definition to full high- def.

MKV = 1.11 GB
(Saved from DVD using MakeMKV)

MKV Handbrake = 1GB
(Re-encoded as mp4 264 with MacOS Video Toolbox setting 65-level quality)

Topaz Video = 19.29 GB
(Used Artemis 70 and Iris 60 for upscale)

TV HB = 8.25
(Used the same Handbrake settings on the Topaz output file)

TV DaVinci Resolve = 2.8 GB
(Imported the Topaz output file into DR, then re-exported it in the same resolution)

TV DR HB = 1.88 GB
(Used the same Handbrake settings on the DaVinci export file)

This final export looks visually identical to the Topaz export (to my eye anyway) and comes in at a very reasonable size, barely larger than I started with for standard definition!

What is your export setting ?
What encoder, bitrate or compression quality did not set in the output setting?

You can select a different encoder in TVAI, and you can also set the bitrate or compression quality. There is no need to reprocess the video using other software; you just need to set up the export settings in TVAI properly.

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I agree. this can be achieved with tweaking the settings in TVAI