Video AI Button UI

Hi all, What’s this button on GUI? Thanks

You’re posting your question in the wrong thread, here it’s for feature request, not support !

this button is to slow down by 20% a preview playback WHEN the normal speed of the preview will be fixed (actually it’s not playing at x1 speed but lower). So it’s useless for now.

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Thanks for reply, I’m a new Topaz user.
In reality it is a bit difficult to choose the right section where to insert a new post, it should be clearer upstream which Topaz product we are referring to and for what.
Sorry for the mistake.

I agree :slight_smile: this forum is a “bit” mess. you can post your questions here

in theory this button should play the preview in a reduced speed, but in the recent versions on my end it just does nothing.

the button works, but you don’t see it as the playback is already running slower, 20% slower of a already jerky slower playback = more difficult to see or notice. but it’s there.

I now what you mean but it is definitely not working for me anymore. In older versions it was as you said and the button made it slow down even more and quite noticeable. Now the button just does nothing. :eyes:

it’s not important anyway. it’s a bug, so…

suraj told in his message that next fixes will be focused on the issues with the preview, so it will be there soon. i know the issue of the preview and why it’s there. just be a bit more patient. remember all the features requested became a reality with time since the alpha. they just can’t fix everything in one day (unfrtunatly).

I would like to request the additional knowledge about things going on too as they are offered to certain users in this forum. thanks. :yum:

??? his message is public and has been sent to everybody…