Video AI 5.0 not stable for me (Win 10)

New version has thrown errors and failed on three different files. One successful up-scale from SD to HD, but anything not using a preset fails between 30 mins to 2 hours into render. Uninstalling and reverting to old version.

I’m on Windows 10 and all previous versions of Topaz since 2.0 have run well on this machine.

Can you share your logs for review?

These are the logs I can find – one or two of them worked (one from preset, one had no filters applied, accidentally just rewrapped the source file).

2024-04-18-04-37-22-Main.tzlog (54.7 KB)

2024-04-17-13-15-37-Main.tzlog (138 KB)

2024-04-18-08-42-24-Main.tzlog (536 KB)

2024-04-18-09-04-37-Main.tzlog (1.1 MB)

2024-04-17-17-01-59-Main.tzlog (949 KB)