Video AI 3.x Deinterlace Oversharpening

Does anyone else feel that the deinterlace feature outputs a video where it seems to be too aggressively sharpened? Even the noise and grain seems to be exaggerated and over-sharpened. I had to end up going back to StaxRip and using the NNEDI3 deinterlace that I was previously using because everything I was deinterlacing with Video AI was getting over-sharpened.

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Yep. I’m waiting for deinterlace in Proteus model - I hope devs will make it.

Dione TV uses less sharpening then Dione DV. try Dione TV


I agree. Unfortunately it seems in 2023 Topaz Labs do not offer deinterlace as a stand alone tool within Video AI. Rather, currently Video AI needs to simultaneously upscale and deinterlace. This produces somewhat strident, over sharpened video.

I suggest Topaz Labs develop a deinterlace tool that can work on footage that is output at the same input scale. And that edge softening parameters are part of this tool.

Topaz kinda do offer what you looking for… use Dione TV/DV setting the output resolution as the same as the input resolution. that way you will get a nice clean deinterlaced video. then you can upscale it with whatever AI you wish.
I use it a lot and it works very well.

Thank you. This is a work around.

which i use all the time :slight_smile: