VHS Restoration Model

I’d love for a model that existed to clean up VHS tapes. Something that could take care of dirt, artifacts and tracking issues would be incredible.

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I’d love to see this happen, currently the only option for older dvd content is use Dione to deinterlace but I find a lot of older dvds are just VHS transfers with halo and ghosting. All Al models just “Enhance” ghosting and halo right now. In fact the only thing any Halo options (normal or strong) do is seem to blur the image without actually removing or even reducing any halo whatsoever.


Yeap, my vote for that too.
This could be very interesting especially if someone is dealing with old beta archives when through time they have been copied many times from beta to beta to whatever … in whatever recorder (clean head or not).
it seems that others have been given a more detailed (even with examples of other softwares) description of the feature but I am not the one to do that. Topaz team knows its job. Keep it simple and fast is the key for batch processing, that is my opinion.

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That would be excellent to have.

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100% agree I have about 1/2 TB of old(ish) -1980’s - VHS recordings digitised that are in need of clearing up! Dione is better than nothing for sure!

I wrote a similar post today, this would be a great help, not only for VHS tapes but also for old 35mm film which is usually quite badly damaged.