VHS model

Hey hi all, why not a VHS model on the version 3x… ?

I’m actually kind of surprised that VHS has not been a model from the start. There’s such a clear path on how to make the model for it.


VHS is very hard

It would take time, but, if you got the best possible digitizing setup for it, you would only need to buy a bunch of VHS sources that also have Blu-ray or HD copies that are taken from the film.
Once you have enough of those, the model should be really good at de-VHSing home videos and such.

I say there’s a clear path because of the amount of used commercial VHS tapes available that have perfect matches from film reels and professional HD re-releases.

This is one scenario where the data needed to train the AI already exists, it just needs to be digitized.


Would be nice bc thats what I’m using it for :smiley: my parents have lots of stuff from my childhood filmed so I’m trying to get the best output possible. So far i’m trying around with Proteus manual. Heaps better than the raw footage but still it could be better.

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It would be amazing if you would develop a model specific to restoring video digitized from VHS.


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I said

But the model would be much better if it was made on a more cheap setup that the average person is more likely to have used.

Here, Iris does a quite decent job on this.