Very Disapointed to hear this!

Before I ever commit to using a product I do a great amount of trying it out. I looked to not only presently but the future of a particular app. If it looked good to me I committed myself to it. The only thing I have seen up to this time has been the many different apps that need to be updated on a regular bases and it would take me hours to do same. I have been using Adobe products for many years without these types of upgrade problems as they have one app that knows what I have and if I wish updates of their products that I have for a set user app cost. No bother to me except it takes time even with the standard products I normally use. I am always up to date by just saying to Adobe to update yes or no. So, with this potential problem with Topaz products then adding having to do even more things that I will have to do and make decisions on with a yes or no to specific Topaz products leads me to say I am very disappointed with Topaz when it comes to making it easy for your users. So, just trying to keep the latest apps loaded with repeated up loads of a variety of apps makes your apps unwieldy to say the least then having to pay for this or that app is not what I signed up for. Sorry if management did not work things out for the important people in your organization and that is your users. If I had the ability to see what you were going to happen after I started using your apps I would not have started.


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