Version-Specific Download Links to use with new Windows Package Manager

EDIT / UPDATE: Looks like I didn’t search hard enough, because I just found out there are in fact unique links available for each new version (found in posts on the forum through here: Product Releases - Topaz Discussion Forum ). Though it still looks like the installers are indeed not able to do silent installs. Please consider adding silent installs so they can be added to the Windows repository :slight_smile:

Microsoft just released the first stable version of their new package manager for Windows 10:

It would be great if there were some slight additions to the site that would make it much easier to install (not to mention update) all the programs we have using this new feature.

It’s relatively easy to add new software to the community repository, but really only if installers of different versions have their own unique URL. Right now on the downloads page, the full installer links always go to the same ‘latest’ URL, where the file is just changed with each new release.

If there was an extra page on the site that had links to at least the unique, unchanging link for the latest version of the downloader, it would make it so one could update the repository with the latest version and link. (Meaning not every single minor version would need to be listed, just as long as each new version gets it’s own link). Otherwise, in it’s current state, if the link is updated with a new version, and the repository is not updated, the hash will not match and the package manger will throw errors soon after every update until someone notices and updates the package.

And actually, some of the links on the download page are already version specific (namely, the “Mac OS 10.12 Compatible” links, so I suspect the infrastructure may already be in place, at least partially.

Also, it would be essential that installers have switches (arguments when the installer is run) for silent-install (not sure if they already do), which is a requirement for the package manager.

Summary: The Topaz Labs apps are updated pretty frequently which is great, so adding compatibility with the new Windows Package Manager would make it very easy to get all the latest updates all at once with a simple command, without having to open and run every program first to see the update.