Version 5.0 not producing the results of version 4.0

I had some clips that I made enhancement to using Nyx- HQ Denoise. Once upgraded to version 5.0 ,I tried to process the same clips using exact same setting. However there was barely a difference between the original and the enhanced version and there was a night and day difference between the two versions quality. Just to verify that I was not mistaken, I uninstalled version 5.0 and reinstalled version 4.0 and the difference was apparent. The clips were all 720 X 480 progressive upscaled 2X with Nyx - HQ denoise Auto. I wonder what has caused this

You probably just need to switch back to Nyx 2. TVAI comes with Nyx 3. You’ll need to enable previous model version in advanced preferences.
Nyx 2 oversharpens on all settings. They have corrected that on Nyx 3.


Make sure you have the “previous models” option turned on in the Preferences Panel under the Advanced tab. This will give you access to all the past iterations of the models.

Thank you everyone will do