Version 3.0.3

I installed 3.0.3 yesterday for first time. I also installed 2.6 to see the difference.
Intel i9-10850k , z490 vision D , 128 gig ram , 3070 with newest studio drivers.
Windows 10 pro 22h2 fresh install and debloated with nothing running in the background.
Only have these 2 programs installed.
Three m.2 drives and one sata ssd (Boot, cache, media and mixdown)
Converted DVD (NTSC) and DV (NTSC) video to 1080p
Converted .mov and mp4 files to 1080p pro res using all the presets.
At the moment all I need to convert is dvd and DV video to 1080p.
Had no issues or crashes with both versions. Still deciding which produced better results.
Hoping to become a beta tester.

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