I just bought version 1, after 30min it said there is another version: 2. I upgraded. Nothing works. I want my money back!!!

please write to *

It works just fine for me and there are definite improvements on version 1 which I have used for quite a while. I like the new (beta) adjustments.

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One post is enough, no need to have multiple posts with the same, same.

This is a user to user forum, we cannot give you your money back.

Have you taken the time to read the user guide to learn how to use Photo AI?

You can revert to version 1 … have you checked your PC meets the technical requirements?


I would appreciate a link to rolling back to a previous version please


I wrote
Thank you!

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Sorry, you’re right, I couldn’t find my previous post, being new to this so I posted again. No need for you to give my money, it was just a figure of speech, I am waiting for the Topaz team to do something about it. :slight_smile:


Choose the version you want from the forum here:

Thanks for submitting a ticket. We usually reply within 8 business hours.