Venice AIR

After watching Greg Rostami’s excellent Topaz AIR and Clear Webinar, I made a custom preset named ImpAIRDetGleau, which is available in the community presets. To use it successfully, please watch the Webinar when Topazlabs release it. The second, cooler temperature version has Photo Stylizer 1 on it from CEP4. Due to the Syncing problems, sharing custom presets has been temporarily disabled, so you will have to wait a bit longer before accessing ImpAIRDetGleau…

"Venice AIR" © Jack Torcello

With Photo Stylizer 1 added


what a lovely result Jack. Greg’s webinar was great. I looked for your preset but was unable to find it :frowning:

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Maybe it hasn’t synced yet… I will re-edit and make sure it’s public! Thanks for your appreciation @ShazzyCo

Love these. Must watch that webinar.

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@Mond Thanks! Can you see my custom preset in the Community area yet (ImpAIRDetGleau)?

No, Jack, I can’t see the preset either.

OK, it may be a process of osmosis - I uploaded the preset here in London UK - and Topazlabs servers are in Texas USA. Their air-traffic-controller may still be asleep, their runways not open just yet! :wink:

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America’s a long way away. It takes the sun six hours to get there and the sun is a pretty fast piece of kit.


The both look very well done, Jack.

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Exquisite paintings, Jack!
I will for sure look for the webinar. Hope it will you tube soon.

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Heath Robinson mentioned that custom preset sharing has been temporarily suspended so as they can cure the Syncing problem.

Thanks Jack

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