Venetian Couple in neural style

The preset I used was named “Painting Para”, and it belongs to - sort of like Deep Dream Generator/Dreamscope. I boosted the 750 pixel longside original to 12 x its original size using Topaz Gigapixel (8802x13230 pixels) which suits sites such as Society6 and Fineartamerica but!

Such upsizing can produce artefacts such as the jaggies (unattractive jagged lines etc). So to smooth these I used an oil paint filter from Photoshop; and to get that soft-focus and velvety look, I used Topaz AI Remix = Neon Rise (high) in Luminosity Blend mode. A digital matt from Studio was also added, and finished using Nik pro contrast, bicolour and glamour.

“Venetian Couple” © Jack Torcello


Lot of work but well done, Jack!

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Love it

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Fabulous work Jack, thank you for you detailed workflow

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