VEAI works for top/bottom 3D 360 videos, but YouTube does not recognizes it as 3D?

Hi guys, I have a insta360 pro 2. VEAI can emchances its 3D videos with no problem and I can view the result with my Quest 2 with Skybox app. When I upload it to YouTube, it simply showing a flat top and bottom video. It won’t recognizes it as 3D. Anyone have a solution? Thank you!

You’ll need to add the 360 metadata back.
Releases · google/spatial-media · GitHub will be able to do that without re-encoding the video there’s no way around this step it as Topaz doesn’t copy the metadata across.

I’ve also got a fork of that that injects a more up to date version of the spatial metadata standard, but you’d have to use the command line to do 360 stuff, the GUI targets VR180.

Which is better depends on what you are using for playback as some players don’t work with the newer standard and other only use that standard and some will only work if both versions are there, even if the old standard metadata is wrong ?!?!?

Both there require a copy of python to be installed, on macOS the version that comes with the OS will work, Windows I believe you’ll have a install a copy of Python and tkinter with should come with it.

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Thank you soooooo much Vargolsoft. You’ve saved my life!!!