VEAI switched off after not using Computer - Win 10

Today, I strted Video Enhance on a short movie and I noticed it would be working for some five hours.
All went well, so I went shopping and came back some hour and a half later. - I always switch my monitor off when I am not active on the computer.
When I came home and switched the monitor back on, the icon at the bottom of the screen (Windows 10) had disappeared, and the file I had, had halted at some 3GB but was unplayable.

I don’t think it is really a VE problem, but Windows is set not to shut down my puter, or have it sleep, and in advanced mode the vid card is set to always maximum. Plus: it is the first time this is happening…

As many longer movies will require more than 24hours, I cannot stay up all the time…

Does anyone have an idea about some extra setting in Win10 that I should check?


O: please update the User Guide page here at Topaz: it’s AI modes section dates from long ago…

I havent tested long time processing with the latest version yet but the older versions ran 17 hours non-stop on Windows 10 perfectly here!

I only have a 1660ti, and it is the first time I am facing this problem.
My idea is that it is not VE that causes the problem, but either some setting in Win10, or some bug in Win10.
I have rendered several files which required the same time and had no problems - but I was always around and something ‘happened’ on the puter, and I have restarted that same file, and it finished perfectly, but I was active on my machine.

So I would like to know which Windows settings others have adapted and to what. Because if I want to use, say, Gaia high quality, I face 24hours+, and it would make no sense to wake up and find it had stopped after, say, 2 hours.

Maybe VE in the current version is a bit unstable. Today VE froze during processing and a minute later Windows 10 ended with a blue screen telling me that something went wrong and it had to boot again!

Thanks for mentioning this.
You being a beta-tester means the developers know already and are working on it.

I also had sometimes freezing issues and VEAI not responding anymore when processing Prores after my monitors went off based on my power managements settings (15 min) and when waking up the monitors by just moving the mouse VEAI started to freeze.
This is the danger of processing MOV or MP4, if the programs crashes by some reason you lose everything and all that time spent of processing for nothing and have to restart it all.
My suggestion is to output as much as possible still images but a feature that saves the MOV files in chunks every X frames set by settings would be also a saving time rescue in case of a crash.
After all if you save ProRes it means you are willing for post-processing and then you could simply load all the chunks in your NLE or even recombined them in one file without reencoding by using other tools like VirtualDub2, XmediaRecode etc.