VEAI Stopped working, loops on downloading model

It’s been working fine for months, all of a sudden every time i try to render something it keeps downloading the same model over and over and over and over. it never stops. If i shut down and restart it will work once, the same thing again. I’m so fed up, I’ve wasted the whole morning, install uninstall, etc… Customer service has a 4 hour wait minimum. The download all models doesn’t work, it reaches about 4 gigs and then restarts.

Please have a look into the settings. Disable the option to download models or to download all models at once or at all. :slight_smile:

Tried that, it did not work.

I finally fixed it by powering down and unplugging the computer from wall. I’m guessing the video cards where sending wrong info or something. Funny reboot did not help, only power down and unplug for 60 seconds.

I had that happen too recently. I think I just re installed VE AI. :eyes: