VEAI Recommendations for Old BBC Shows

I am trying to clean up my Blackadder DVDs. They were filmed in “Glorious Television,” meaning their quality is barely watchable.

I am trying to clean them up so I can burn them to Blu-Ray to watch at home on a big-screen TV.

Has anyone come up with a good procedure for programs of that quality?

My final product is 4K UHD, but I, of course, shrink it to 1080p for Blu-Ray. I keep the 2160p, though, and watch it at half-size on my computer copies.

Anyone have success cleaning these types of shows up?

It’s hard to say as there are many factors to consider. If you can post a link to a short clip, perhaps people will have suggestions once they see the form and quality of the material.

Here you go.

It’s 720 x 480 SD off of the DVD.

Thanks, I will take a look.

Could you provide a clip with the original quality from the dvd? The Youtube stream looks degraded and badly de-interlaced.

THAT’s what the DVD looks like, mostly. The DVD is just consistently awful.

See what’s happening at

DVDs usually need to be inverse telecined before passing in to VEAI. At least, I haven’t gotten very good results so far using the Dione models… and I am pretty sure the description of Dione in 1.9 said it was good for DVDs but it no longer says that :wink:

There’s no super easy way to do this that I know of; you’ll need to install a bunch of free software and learn how to use it. I’m getting good results with AVISynth fairly standard detelecine script to process mkvs of DVD rips

AudioDub(video, audio)

But there are many variants of how they could be encoded, this may not always work, there are tons of different possible recipes, and… that seems to be about where things are.

I have been working on these for one series already. (Season 1: The Blackadder)

They were shot in horrible light and, while exterior shots were probably shot on film, they were quickly transferred to videotape.

Just having a sharper image has made them watchable. Barely.

I was hoping for an answer like: Run it through Theia Fine Tune with these settings without changing the size and then use ALQ to upscale it.

Someone needn’t have done Blackadder. Heck, someone who did “The Young Ones” or “Fawlty Towers” because they’re too cheap to buy another set of discs would be just fine.

I cleaned up all my Beatles CDs using a small bit of silence in “When I’m Sixty-Four” and Adobe Audition 3. And it killed.

Blackadder isn’t my wedding video, but (even if I were married) I would still watch it more often.

BBC Clasic Dr

The Doctor Will fix VEAI.