VEAI not utilizing GPU

Video Enhance is not using the GTX1080ti.

I have two computer.
A is the i7+gtx1030, B is 7t+gtx1080ti
when i use gigapixel-ai to work in my image.
A gpu can work, B only use cpu to do…
how to fix it?

You can switch between CPU and GPU in Preferences.

I set it. but it’s almost use cpu…
today i try to use my school ai pc.
the pc is 3900xt+RTX3090.
the cpu is 50% and gpu 9%…

Yea, it’s like that. But it’s using GPU for sure don’t worry.

download and launch Tech PowerUp GPU Z it will 100% tell you how much your GPU is being utilized, also make sure that in the preferences of Video Enhance that you have the desired level of memory being used. You can have the program use your GPU but if you have it set to minimum memory usage then it’s not going to use very much of your GPU.

I also have this issue on my 3090, VEAI is set to use GPU but CPU usage spikes while GPU remains low and flat.

my 2080 ti pc is eaxtly the same rendering pre formance as my 4x 3090 pc, so not sure how this program is coded but it doesn’t seem well.

Artemis does not support multi GPU
Only Gaia, Chronus and Proteus do. But AMD GPUs perform better in VEAI than Nvidia. So I would say, 2x AMD > 4x Nvidia

You’re really going to make me rape my wallet.

In a long term usage, I would recommend buying only 1x 6900XT. Multi GPU is not worth it.

I use Capture one and that already benefits a lot (from dual GPUs).

but the 6900XT should be enough.

But I don’t know if I want a gaming GPU, the support you get with the professional ones is very important.

This was seen in the bug that the Nvidia driver had.

I had the feeling I was the only one who has reported to the support due to the error.

At least no issue with gaming drivers on AMD side. Pretty good imo.

Anyone have any direct comparison numbers between 6800XT and 6900XT ?

Replying to this thread to say I’m also having the issue. GPU usage is at ~5% with Proteus.