VEAI Models + Performance Guide

Ohh ok, that makes more sense to me now. Thanks for this thread, helps set a good starting point for casuals like me to explore

I will keep this guide updated as more info as possible. As having a lot of time around upscaling, I will find more and more interesting ways to properly upscale. Because working around with movies requires a nearly perfect upscaling. A little bit artifacts still annoy me for days lol.

Thanks for the update. For a video 1080p with roughly 2.0 mb/s (with some blocking obviously). Should I pass AA at 100% first than upscale to 4k with AMQ or AHQ (including grain)?

If bitrate is that low, I recommend Gaia HQ to 4K. Any Artemis model will leave artifacts everywhere. Gaia HQ with grain is the only option.

And still running a first pass with AA is a good thing ? Or only running one pass from my original file to 4k with Gaia?

Artemis models are meant for high (about 1080p with 6000+ bitrate) quality videos. If you run AA, then it will okay, but no denoise + deblock (or just not much). It will be a waste of time running 2 models for 1 video. Not worth it with more artifacts after all. So yea, just Gaia HQ for the current one, no Artemis.

Thank you very much for your great work!!!
Once you wrote that if I had poor 480p footage, I should use GAIA CG to clean it and then upscale. Which model do you recommend to do it? What about grain addition?
Maybe now after Topaz update, you recommend another path to improve original footage.

Yes, you can use Gaia CG to clean, but since it takes so much time, I recommend upscaling it first to 1080p then put it into Gaia HQ for a final output. Grain should be there, depends on your taste, I use (1.0/1.00) and it looks okay (a bit blury). But that would help the artifacts issues.
After each Topaz updates, I might have to improvise the guide again. But I hope they will fix Artemis soon, and update Gaia HQ more further (like speed).

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Thanks, I made a run from my original file with Gaia HQ (upscale to 4K) + add some grain 2-1. It removed roughly 60% of the blocking very nicely. Only scenes with dark tone (wall precisely) that hasn’t improve much ( it’s a tv-series btw) is there another option to consider ? Another approach ? Thanks

Sorry man, we gotta have to wait for upcoming updates to let the devs improve the models. I don’t want to recommend you to use Gaia CQ another time because it will remove more details, specially highlight details and shadow details. If you want more deblock, then I think you can try Artemis HQ to see if it helps. Artemis HQ could be great, beside unwanted artifacts… But who knows, it might fit your footage.

So a first pass at 100% with Gaia HQ than a second at 200% with AHQ ?

I think you should choose either one of them. You can try Artemis and see if it’s better than Gaia.

I’m confused. You say upscale it to 1080, but you don’t say with what.

I usually use Video Proc or Adobe Premiere Pro.

But you wrote me that GAIA CG is the solution as one step. It both cleans and upscales to for instance 1440x1080.
"I recommend upscaling it first to 1080p then put it into Gaia HQ for a final output. " Which method do you recommend to upscale fo 1080p? And use finally GAIA HQ to clean then?

Which video input are you using? Movie or Normal video?

In case of these AVi files I consider putting them into DaVinci Resolve and render as mp4 to watch on TV?
Sorry for maybe stupid question for you, what exactly did you mean?

TV can read any file type I believe.

When you asked which video imput I was using, what did you mean? Movie, i.e. a film broadcasted in TV and Normal video like AVI, mp4 etc?

If you recorded the footage yourself, then it’s like a normal video. But if you’re working on a movie/film project, then it’s different. The processes are not the same.