VEAI M1 Mac Mini hits brick wall at 240% resize

Hi everyone!

I discovered a weird issue with Video Enhance AI, and it is definitely not my computer:

I have a source .ts file at 720p and I wanted to upscale it. If I use Proteus, Artemis, conversion is at about 0.28 s/frame when scaling to 1080p.

However, when choosing 4k, it takes 6.9s/frame, which is comparatively a huge difference.

Long story short, as soon as the upscaling reaches 240%, processing slows to a crawl at 6.9s/frame. But if I choose 239.99%, it processes at 0.28s/frame!

The models affected are at least Artemis and Proteus. I assume this must be a bug somewhere.

Mac Mini with M1, 8 GB RAM, Monterey 12.3

Can you see what memory gets utilized? I would suspect 8GB could be the bottleneck…

I am upscaling a video right now with Gaia to 4K and RAM usage is around 2.7 GB. I don’t think it’s the RAM.

If RAM was the issue, there shouldn’t be a hard cut when upscaling between 239% (0.28s/frame) and 240% (6.9s/frame)