【VEAI】How to merge PNGs (image sequence) to a MP4 correctly?

The framerate of the original MP4 is 29.97 fps. I used VideoEnhanceAI to upscale one MP4 in 8-bit PNG format, after that I used FFmpeg to merge the image sequences to a new MP4 using command line

ffmpeg -i D:\input/%06d.PNG -vcodec libx264 -r 29.97 D:\output/OUTPUT.MP4,

but the result MP4 turned out to have more video duration(2′17″) than the original MP4(1′54″), I really don’t know which part went wrong.

Could anyone please help me with this problem? Thanks a lot~!

Are you using constant or variable bit rate audio? Does your output bitrate type match your input?

Hi Torcello,

Thanks for you reply!

CBR for video, in PNG mode there is no audio ouput.

Using VEAI to upscale your video, bitrate of OUTPUT.mp4 must be larger than bitrate of INPUT.mp4, cuz every frame has more information. I wonder if you‘re asking whether the output frame rate match my input, the answer is yes cuz frame rate of OUTPUT.mp4 is 29.97, the same as INPUT.mp4.

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Hey, I had the same problem when I was doing it, what fixed it for me was putting the -r 29.97 BEFORE the file location, not after. Hope that helps!

Hi, tribalfury2976, thanks a lot for your reply, I’ll give it a shot ASAP~!