VEAI - Feature Requests

Maybe better to add these here, rather than on the 1.9.0 thread. :slight_smile:

  1. Make the forward and backwards button able to slow play the footage when the left mouse button is down. I hate click click click click click to find the perfect spot. (apparently this works with left and right keyboard keys, but would be cool if the mouse has the same function
  2. Able to set the default grain. I want it to be 1, not 3.
  3. Artemis Extremely HQ model please. Now even the HQ makes some footage look like painting.
  4. Or make possible to set model ocapacity.
  5. Set audio on by default
  6. Able to run multiple models in the same footage (manually set the model on the “timeline”), helps with different scenes.
  7. Chroma noise remover would be a cool or even saturation slider or something that prevents oversaturated details.
  8. Custom crop
  9. Detect and skip totally black frames (would improve speed slightly)
  10. Deshaker or flicker removal would be nice too. Some old footage has “micro jitter” or whatever it’s called.
  11. Advanced option for allowing downloading old models
  12. Manually set the noise removal and sharpening amount on Artemis models?

Some kind of face masker or targeted area cleaner?