VEAI does not hold settings between clips in batch?

Hi - New VEAI user here. I’ve noticed that when I try to set up multiple clips with multiple different model parameters, the settings are not retained on previous clips. i.e. If I set up Clip 1 with Preset A, then click on Clip 2 and use Preset B, if I click back on Clip 1, it shows settings from Preset B, not Preset A. Is this a known bug or is there some step I’m missing to lock the settings on each clip?

Using VEAI 2.6.2 on Windows 10.


This says you can set a default. It does not say how to unset it.
If you’re using the Proteus model, you need to turn off the auto-detection model parameters option in the first tab of preferences. I noticed that it would run the auto-detect every time I selected another movie—effectively erasing all the changes I had made.

I have got the same Problem, very annoying. There ist no “set as default” option in version 2.6.4 I have to re-apply it for all clips. That’s just a pain in the ass for a huge set of clips. The manual simply referes to an option that (no longer) exists. Please fix this asap!