VEAI Artifacted output on Chronos models with 4k video


I’m trying to increase the framerate on some 4k video, output to PNG.
I’ve tried this with Chronos V1, V2 and now V3, and each of them gives artifacting seemingly randomly.
These artifacts take the form of a sort of digital smudging across random areas of the frame - there does not appear to be a consistent pattern over high-motion areas, high contrast areas, etc.
Here is an example of the artifacting :
The form is consistent, and appears as a sort of overlay.
Repeating a preview run multiple times gives different affected regions, but artifacting appears consistently and I have not found a way to reduce (or increase) it.

My specific parameters are 100% playback rate, increasing from 29.97fps to either 59.94 or 120 fps - results are the same.

After switching my GPU drivers from the default gamer ones to the studio drivers, the issue appears to have resolved.