VEAI 4 days render progress lost

I’ve been upscaling a movie to 4k using video enhance ai, while I was at work my computer rebooted unexpectedly, now i have a 37GB turkey of a file that cant be opened with any video software or anything,
Please tell me there is something I can do to turn this anomaly into a normal video file.


Unfortunately, the file is broken.

to prevent this from happening maybe save the processed video to images so you can continue anytime something goes wrong. try to repair the video file if possible and then extract the frames maybe via the free video to jpeg converter and then continue as suggested. :slight_smile:

I’ve been complaining about this issue for a while now as well, curious as to why there is no solution for this: Is there a reason why all work is lost if program or computer crashes? - Video Enhance AI Discussion - Topaz Discussion Forum (

Not a software issue. It’s just a problem on your end that you need to figure out. Like driver (has to be Studio Driver), chipset driver, PSU, motherboard BIOS firmware…