VEAI 2080 TI vs 3070 vs 3080 vs 6800XT


I’m a bit new to VEAI, and I’m on the verge of buying a new card, (Second Hand), with the above choices.
I’m looking for the best balance of price to performance.

2080 TI vs 3070 = more VRAM but the 3070 has faster tensor cores.

3080 vs 6800XT = May be faster and I’ve heard Nvidia works better with VEAI but the 6800XT has more VRAM but slower

So I’m a bit hear and there with the pros and cons of both cards and I’m coming from a 2080 Super Asus Strix OC

I recommend RTX 3080.

ok is it that much faster than the 6800 XT? I’m asking as the price will differ about 400-500 Euros

If you can get 6800XT at a cheaper price, then get 6800XT. But at the same price, go for 3080. The performance should be the same.

Not once did the 3070 out-perform the 2080-Ti during my own tests.
2080-Ti has always been 7.5% faster (or better still).

Someone here said, that the Cuda cores on the ‘Ampere’ 30XX cards are just a marketing strategy, one half of them are FP16 and the other half are FP32 Cuda cores. VEAI can only use one type at a time.

If you don’t have a history of using pre-1.7.0 VEAI and you can do without, go for the best new GPU you can afford. Having more VRAM is always better.

However, if you want to use the legendary old Gaia Computer Graphics (gcg-1.0.1) module with VEAI versions up to 1.6.1, then be aware that these old releases of the software are incompatible with RTX30XX cards (as well as with AMD cards).

Hi All!

Thanks for your replies! then it looks like I’ll go with the RX 6800XT as this is can get for about 700-800 vs 1200-1400 Euros for the 3080

I’m Glad VEAI switched their methodology to better support AMD, I’m using Proteus AI by the way

  1. 3080
  2. 2080Ti
  3. 3070
  4. 6800XT

Because VEAI uses DirectML, so tensor cores don’t do much here because the performance on AMD and Nvidia should be the same or less than 10% difference in performance. But always get Nvidia for video editing, AMD is the second choice for the price.

Hi All,

Not to hammer the topic, but treading the above i have just a couple more to be clear, i just wanna make sure before pulling the plug on 100s of Euros haha

2080 Ti Vs 6800XT the 6800 XT is more powerful overall, but you all would still prefer taking the Nvidia card over this? Due to little performance and compatibility? The 3080 is a bit out of my price range unfortunately

Actually, I personally choose a GPU not only for a single application. If you go with AMD, you will be able to play games, use VEAI or other things, except… NVENC which is useful for hardware acceleration in Adobe. And you can use tensor cores for other purposes too. But if you don’t use Adobe or apps using tensor cores, then you don’t have to buy Nvidia. At the same price, I still prefer 3080. But with the price these days, AMD is cheaper. In pro apps, some features will only be available for Nvidia most of the time. If you want a “good for anything”, then go for Nvidia.

May I ask, coming from a ROG Strix 2080Super, what are your reasons for wanting to upgrade in the first place? Is the card dead or not powerful enough?

Thanks that’s clear!

I want to upgrade due to flight Simulation and also getting into some lightweight editing, when i upgrade I’m looking for a healthy boost in performance without sacrificing too much in one area, so a balance in gaming, video editing compatibility and performance, but seeing my budget i would get better gaming performance with a 6800 XT but then i lose the piece of mind in having a card compatible with all applications so it may just be the 2080 TI

Adobe Premiere Pro hardware acceleration support both Nvidia and AMD cards.


For Nvidia cards, it use CUDA. For AMD cards, it support OpenCL.

If you are content creator which use Premiere Pro heavily with many effects, it is highly recommend to use Nvidia card, because it render faster and export in shorter time. But if you only do very simple editing occasionally, it may not be the main decision factors.

IMO, which card to choose, depends on what software you use most frequently and what price the card are currently selling at.

From tips & Resolve videos I’ve seen (which is a lot) the message seems to be clear: don’t use NVENC, ever, if you care about video quality. I.e. if you’re a content creator… it seems ok when I use h265 but I’m not anything close to professional so what would I know :slight_smile: But I see this comment all the time. Content Creators don’t use NVENC.

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If you don’t do this or if you don’t do that then AMD is good… Sorry but at that price point I’d rater add a hundred or two and make sure I have the card that does everything, which have always been my beef with AMD, I understand that on paper it can be just as good but in real life situations NVIDIA and Intel will always have the monopoly and the best overall compatibility sadly…

I hope I don’t sound mean but it is what it is. If the GPU cost 10-20% less and does 10-20% less in real life scenarios, then it’s basically the same price.

While I agree with you regarding Nvidia having the best support, you are completely wrong about Intel. You do realize AMD has been kicking Intel’s butt every since they came out with Ryzen? To say Intel has better support is just plain wrong. It’s 2023 now and I would say Intel and AMD have exactly the same amount of support for their CPUs. While yes more people use Intel CPUs the amount of people using AMD CPUs has skyrocketed since the Ryzen release.