"Variations on a Theme"


The bottom image is a 3 bracket merge and tone mapping in Aurora 2018. The other 3 images were all edited using AI ReMix, with different presets, blend modes and opacities. As you can see, the 2nd image from the top does not look like most of what you are seeing using AI ReMix. I probably will use this Adjustment a lot to create realistic images that express my vision.


I am curious john4jack how you achieved the look in the second from the top image using AiRemix and what else?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything. However, I did use AI ReMix, probably using a soft lt. blend mode at a lower opacity.

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Thank you…I too am having much fun exploring the possibilities with AI Remix. and you are so right the fun begins when you explore other blend modes and opacities. The possibilities are virtually endless.