VapourSynth support

Like title says, please add VapourSynth support.

Could you at least elaborate on what this is and why people who don’t know what it is should care about it?

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Gladly. :slight_smile: VapourSynth is currently the de facto frame processor for video editing. It superseeds AviSynth. While the latter still exists (and is supported by VEAI, btw), VapourSynth has been the superior implementation of the same idea, for years.

Very useful to support VS, as it will allow a modern preprocessing pass to be included for VEAI (like QTGMC, temporal denoising, etc). While AviSynth supports some of these things too, VS is extremely stable, does not require complex (read = unstable) MT support, and anyone who’s anybody for the last 10 years, has been using VS over AS.

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what he says? :eyes:

he’s talking about the software you didn’t wanted or tried to understood to use that i sent you last year, Staxrip is a GUI to use Vaporsynth / avisynth. It can be used for manythings, including a better de-interlacing than VEAI (like QTGMC). Vapoursynth, you can view this as a kind of application / big plugin / library to do all kind of video processing. Not easy to use for “normal people”, it ask a bit of investigation. Check the word on google for what it is about. it’s very very powerful. but it has a dev/computer approach, so it can be a bit difficult to use but it worth it !

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Are you sure that people who prefer the easy to use topaz products want to fiddle arount with third party tools which need a rocket scientist to get used to? :eyes:

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of course not, but on one side, you have something “great”, and on the other side, something “amazing”, up to you to know what you want and if great or “average” is ok to you.

Personnally I vote for the amazing, until the average / great will be able to do the same quality as the amazing, even if it need a bit of work to understand and use it. clearly, using Vaporsynth with the use of Staxrip is not a big deal. without it i would undersdtand, but the GUI help a lot, expecially as you had someone (me) which was ready to explain you how to use it.

Yes, I’m sure. :slight_smile: Keep in mind, VEAI already support AviSynth; so the developers already deemed it a useful addition before.

N.B. The process currently works by dropping an AviSynth script (.avs) into the input window of VEAI. The latter will then treat the pseudo-input file, as it it were an avi file. Like this avs file:

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\dgdecnv\DGDecodeNV.dll")
Crop (0, 124, 0, -140)

It only does a bit of cropping here (but already very useful, as VEAI cropping support is rather minimal). Now, what I am proposing, is simply for VEAI to allow you to drop in VapourSynth (.vpy) files too. An example of a slightly more complete VS preprocessing script might look something like I recently used on my Cherry 2000 dvd:

import vapoursynth as vs
import havsfunc as haf

core = vs.core
core.max_cache_size = 65535

vid = core.dgdecodenv.DGSource (r'c:\jobs\cherry.dgi', ct=20, cb=20, cl=0, cr=0)
vid = haf.QTGMC (vid, InputType=1, Preset="Very Slow", TR2=3, EdiQual=2, EZDenoise=1.5, NoisePreset="Slower", TFF=True, Denoiser="KNLMeansCL")
vid = core.neo_f3kdb.Deband (vid, preset="veryhigh", dither_algo=2)
vid = core.std.AddBorders (clip=vid, left=0, right=0, top=20, bottom=20)

vid.set_output ()

VEAI doesn’t know that VS does behind the scenes, of course: it just takes its output. Without support for frameprocessors like VS, an entire new, intermediate output step would be needed.

I aggree with you meimeiriver, but you loose your time explaining this to Imo, i already tried. I understand his point too, not everybody want to mess with something like this (code line etc…). so it need a Gui or some stuff to make the use of it more “easier” for some people.

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I understand his point too. And I also understand I am coming more from a programming background than your typical mac GUI video editing environment. All good.

But, regardless of VS, if people would invest even a minimal amount of time in looking into frameprocessors like AV and VS, many things I often see requested here (like better cropping options), could all be resolved by themselves using the simplest of preprocessor script.

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Just tried if VEAI really supports AviSynth: doesn’t work. Avs file format is also not shown in the open file dialog. When I drag my avs file in VEAI it just freezes.
It’s a simple script with QTGMC deinterlacing, cropping and dehaloing, same script works in VirtualDub2.

Any special modifications which needs to be done for VEAI?
Looking at meimerivers script, do I have to to load every DLL in plugins64+ folder with “LoadPlugin(…)” for VEAI in my script?

Prioblem with AviSynth is that I can no longer get the (DDE?) link to media player to work any more with an avs script, either. Windows 10/11 associate file extensions differently now.

Dropping an AVS script into VEAI still works, though. That is AviSynth Plus, btw (the original avisynth has been discontinued for many years). And no, if your script works in virtualdub2, it should work in VEAI too.

Have to correct myself and don’t want to spread misleading information, indeed drag and drop an avs file and processing the AviSynth script in VEAI works! Don’t know what I did wrong the first time.
Of course the processing of the video now takes longer (about twice as long), but cool feature, especially with QTGMC deinterlacing. :ok_hand: