UX is terrible and prevents effective worflows

The user experience has become significantly worse overall.
This is mainly due to the division into different tabs and submenus.

Now you have to click on “Sharpen” for the settings. Then massively reduce the sharpening and then click on the small “Selection” tab before you can choose between “All” or “Subject”.

Since Photo AI has always notoriously over-sharpened massively (the entire value range above 10 usually destroys the image rather than improving it and it would be better to be able to set 1-10 more finely), the poorer subject recognition is now also a problem.

In the past, this usually felt reasonably accurate, but now the subject is often somewhere (or barely recognizable where it is).

The most important settings (selection “All” or “Subject” and the sliders) should simply always be directly accessible. Hiding them behind submenus and tabs makes everything very tedious.


This is my experience as well. I just came here to give feedback to v3 and its terrible UI (the faded display of “Selection” does not even look like it can be clicked at; and all the new necessary clicks for simple things are annoying me more and more: brush size can not be changed on keyboards other than with an English layout), performance (brushing feels like moving a huge bucket full of water with a long mop pole on a recent Mac Studio Ultra) and results (now always oversharpened, too soft when applying noise reduction, and with color shifts and without profile corrections when using raw-files).

I am very dissatisfied with v3 and hope to find a way to get the last version before this terrible UI-redesign installed again. Really wasted money on this maintenance-cycle for now. :frowning:

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