Using Topaz ReMask with Topaz Studio

Topaz ReMask is not on the list of plugins accessible from TopazStudio. Studio itself has powerful masking capabilities. So, perhaps most users may not need ReMask. However, in addition to somewhat different tools, ReMask offers a high degree of automation (see: ).
A way of using ReMask with Studio is as follows:
i. Use ReMask to create the mask for your image as usual. I access ReMask from Photoshop.
ii. In Photoshop the mask appears as the usual small black and white image on the active layer.
iii. Create a solid colour layer (selecting a colour not in your original image, say yellow for example) and place it beneath the layer of ii containing the mask image. So, now your image will show yellow where the mask allows it to be seen. That is, the yellow colour defines the mask from ReMask.
iv. Save the yellow coloured image along with a non-yellow version of your original image.
Now the images you saved can be loaded into Studio and used to obtain the mask that you formed in ReMask. [Please refer to Tip 2 in my previous posting entitled “Refining and Saving Topaz Studio Masks”.]

It remains to be seen how adequately and generally Topaz Studio can generate an accurate mask from the coloured image. It works for me so far but there are no shortage of variables. So, it will be interesting to see how widely useful it is and if there is sufficient interest.

It also would be helpful if someone from TopazLabs could provide comment on tips such as this. I expect that they are all pretty busy right now. However, insights based upon their product knowledge would be most welcome.