USING TOPAZ AI in Photoshop

When using the action in Photoshop which includes Topaz AI, when the action to us topaz, it goes directly to topaz and runs, However after autopilot runs it goes right into save mode, it does not allow to make any corrections if needed

What version of TPAI are you using?

I have version 2.4.1

Check to make sure you have autopilot enabled. Edit, preferences, autopilot.

Autopilot will run if it’s disabled but not start any of the adjustment functions. I have mine set up this way because I like to go through the tabs/adjustments manually.

Auto pilot is enabled, however it does not allow mr to make manual adjustments

This is one I haven’t heard yet, very odd.

You may want to uninstall and then reinstall 2.4.1, you can download the file here. They are always in the first post:

If you would rather get it resolved just to have piece of mind reach out for support, they are real good at responding during normal business hours/days.

Or through the web:

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