Using the Bookmark Functionality

We have had so many great posts since the forum restart that it is sometimes difficult to find them when you want to try something you have seen. Here is an easy a way to get back to your favorites. It uses the forum’s bookmarking functionality.

  • When you see a thread with an image or technique you want to come back to use the "Bookmark " button at the bottom of thread. This flags the thread for you for future reference.

  • To find your Bookmarks select the search icon in the upper right corner. Now click Options.

  • There is a drop down under “Only return topics/posts that …” Select “I’ve bookmarked” and search.

You will now see a list of all the posts you have bookmarked. You can remove bookmarks at any time simply by clicking the bookmark icon.


Thank you for bringing that to my (our) attention. So blind am I - I have often thought how difficult it is to find things on here and wished for an easier method.

You can also click on your Avatar on the upper right side of the page (to the right of the search icon) and then click on the bookmark icon.

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I use the bookmark feature quite often… especially for saving Topaz fixes and solutions to plugin problems, find it much easier to trying to find an answer if needed.