Using older Models (Arthemis MQ/HQ from 1.2.0) in new VEAI?


is there any chance to convert older models that worked exceptionally well (Arthemis HQ/MQ) to the new model-format used in 1.9.0 resulting in the same ouput as in V1.2.0?
Maybe a conversion tool?

That would be a wonderful thing as i have found no comparable alternative for some material i’m upscaling.


No, the “stuff under the hood” is not 100% the same anmymore. Simply converting the old ones to fit into the new “motors” does not work - In fact, that is what Topaz is doing as good as possible in the process of transition of the older stuff to the newer stuff… Since then, most models have evolved too (and while some older “models” are “plugable” into newer VEAI versions, with the old architecture its not possible anymore).
If you really NEED one specific older model - rund the older software :slight_smile: