Using Mask AI

I’m having a problem with this software for some reason. When I open a photo it doesn’t allow me to use the compute brush to outline my subject. Anyone else experience this problem?

Interested to see what’s going on before I put in a ticket.

Here’s two screenshots where you can see the brush activated but even though I traced the subject or attempted to do so the brush wouldn’t activate. I’ve also included a shot of my Preferences.

Any help is appreciated.

The way to use Mask AI is to select areas to Keep, areas to Drop and areas to Compute. There are tutorials on the Topaz Labs website that instruct you on how to use Mask AI.

Don: The brush is not allowing me to outline the area I want. If you look at the cat photo I want to keep the cat. I should be able to trace the cat with the blue compute brush, fill in the interior of what I want to save with the green fill and everything outside of that with the red fill.
It’s not allowing me to do that.

Harry, that is why i say look at the tutorials available … if you wish to outline an object you need to Reset to Keep or Drop. the reset button is a drop-down at the top right over the navigator:


Thanks Don, I got it, finally. I was in the compute mode. Somehow I must have checked it last week when I used it.
I appreciate the help.


The default is Comput Mode Harry.

Harry, I think you need to change in preferences to ‘green’ (= keep). If you then open a new image it will be all green. Then you use the blue (= compute) brush to outline the object you want to keep. When done use the red bucket to eliminate anything you do not want to mask. Hope this makes sense


Thank you Peter, that did it.

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