Using imported textures in Topaz Studio 2?

I wanted to try out importing my own textures in Topaz Studio 2, but it isn’t working as I had hoped.

The first one I tried was a jpeg with a brilliant red flower pattern. After importing the image in the Textures filter the red color is muted, even when applied with 100% opacity in Normal blend mode.

I tried to use the imported texture in the Digital Frames filter, but couldn’t get it to work. If I select Frame Type: Texture, I can use any of the default textures on the frame, but if I select the imported texture, the frame just disappears. If I select Mat Type: Texture, I can use any of the default textures as Mat, but not the imported texture. The first time I tried to use it for the Mat it took up the whole screen. After loading TS 2 again and a new image the Mat AND the Frame become invisible if I select the imported texture.

Are these known problems with using imported textures?

I just imported a texture into Studio Et Cum Spiri-2-2-0 (version 2.2.0) and it worked AOK. Windows 10 and a Surace Pro 4.

Did you do anything specific to make it work? I am using TS 2 version 2.2.0 and even after I close the program and restart it I can’t use any imported textures in the Digital Frame filter. As soon as I select an imported texture, both frame and mat disappear.

Well, the way I see it, if you open a Texture ADJUSTMENT - you can add a texture to the cache of textures; or add a texture to your artwork. Are you saying that you are looking to use a textured digital-frame? I am opening Digital Frame, adding any texture with success, and then closing again. Topaz Studio and its Digital Frames can act weird when the original photo is extremely large - say 7000 or 8000 pixels +. So if your dimensions are out there like this, that may be the problem?

Having said that I do notice that some of the textures I added myself (and not originally by Topaz) do not seem to work. But they are too few to mention!

Thanks for looking into this, Jack.

I have been able to add textures and use them with the Texture filter and use them, also I do sometimes get discoloration. After reading your last post I tried using a very small (300x300 pixel) source image. My texture images were 600x600, which I assume are not too big. Regarding the color: In one of my attempts my texture with small red roses displayed in psychedelic yellow as if I had chosen a blend mode that drastically alters colors. The blend mode was Normal at 100% opacity, so that was strange. After closing the image and repeating the procedure, the texture displayed properly as expected.

Regarding the Digital Frame filter: Yes I was interested in using one of my own textures, but it doesn’t work. Oddly, when I import a texture into TS2 using the Texture Filter dialogue and don’t assign it to any category, the texture is visible and selectable in the list of textures displayed in the Digital Frame panel (even though it doesn’t work). But if I create a new texture category (like “My Textures”)and add my textures to that category at import time, the imported textures don’t show up in the list of textures displayed in the Digital Frame panel. I think I’ll post the problem in the bug report forum.