Using Gigapixel through Photoshop results in a 1 dpi image

Title. Using standalone GP doesn’t do this but through PS it does.

How many pixels is the image wide and tall? If it looks just right but is shown as 1 dpi in the meta data it is just the meta data missleading. Dpi on an image are missleading in general because the dpi refer to the output device (your printer) not to the image!

This is a known conflict for Gigapixel 7. As of right now, there is no solution to this but this should be solved in the next update for Gigapixel that will be releasing this week.

For now as a workaround, you’ll want to change the dimensions and resolutions of the image in Photoshop after the use of Gigapixel.

Issue still persists in 7.1.1

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In 7.1.1 or 7.1.2? We released 7.1.2 on Friday.