Using Adobe Bridge with Topaz apps

I regularly use Adobe Bridge to organize and send my photos to Photoshop. In Adobe Lightroom Classic, you can directly activate any Topaz program, the same in Photoshop. But in Bridge, it is not possible since there is no link that allows it and if it is done through the option “open with…” it is necessary to go through several windows until you reach the right place and the worst thing is that once the function of the Topaz program has been performed, unless the precautions of the case are taken, it will overwrite the original file of the photo, which if it is a JPG, has no reverse.

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What you say is correct as when you use Bridge the Topaz apps see themselves acting as a plug-in and in plug-in mode images are overwritten. This is normal behavior.

This behavior is the same you will experience using the external editor option from LR.

To get a Save as option you need to use Topaz apps as standalone apps and use the File open options to select the images.