Upscaling Somewhat Corrupted MiniDV Footage With Digital Zoom

My 20-year high school anniversary is coming up. I recently captured the raw footage my sister took during my graduation ceremony. There are several problems with the footage itself

  • I forgot to turn off digital zoom on the camera before handing it to my sister so, the footage is pixelated.
  • The tape is 20 years old and even after de-interlacing using QTGMC on the Slower setting, there are vertical pixelation lines.
  • The camera was not on a tripod and was hand-held so the footage is shakey

I understand that AI is not magic and garbage in generally equals garbage out. However, if anyone has had any experience working with similar footage using Video Enhance and has some setting recommendations, I would really appreciate it. I’m hoping to at least get the footage up to 720p HD resolution with whatever cleanup is possible. I have both the 2.6 and 3.0 beta versions of Video Enhance.

Here is an example of the footage, with the person’s face cut off for privacy reasons. I circled some of the verticle pixelation and the digital zoom artifacts.