Upscaling HDR videos

Hi. Is there any plan to support processing videos in HDR color spaces? For instance, iPhone 13 Pro will record “cinematic” footage at 1080p in HLG 2020. I’d like to upscale to 8K for use in a 4K HDR project in Final Cut Pro.

However, when I processed the MOV file in VEAI, the result was all blown out (as if overexposed) showing that HDR color space (at least HLG 2020, which iPhones record in) currently isn’t fully supported. I couldn’t find any setting options that I was missing to specify a color space and honestly shouldn’t have to as it should be baked into the MOV file that I imported anyway.

Anyone know anything on this? Am I missing something and it’s already supported? Thanks!


I’ve run into the same problem when processing HDR 10-bit footage into MOV-files. The whole color spectrum simply gets shifted, resulting in an image that is way too bright. Using H264 instead seems to be the best option. Setting a very low quantizer works fine, as one can always recode the huge output file later. Anyway, even the lowest Constant Rate Factor (=highest quality) yields a smaller file size than MOV output would.

That said, neither method seems to be perfect. While the H264 codec does not affect the brightness level, I’ve found that the 10 bit color depth of the source file is still reduced to 8. There may well be a way around this, but I’ve yet to find one.