Upscaling DVD's. How do I select resoution for FHD output?


I want to upscale a bunch of DVDs to FHD whilst keeping the aspect ratio.

What resolution do I select in VAI (latest build)?

It is confusing me.

Cheers :slight_smile:

in theory 1440 ✕ 1080 or 1920 ✕ 1440 (depends which part you want to keep in the FHD 1080 original spec spectrum, the length or width), but you can just select 1920x1080 in TVAI and it will still keep your aspect ratio intact.
if you select “Original Pixel Type” your Display aspect ratio would be converted to 1.896 in order to keep original aspect ratio (1.896 = in case of original video 720x576, not sure the DAR value for 720x480) and if you select “Square Pixel Type”, it would keep it at 4:3 and the picture would be slightly larger on export (or maybe Original Pixel Type is actually slightly smaller, not sure)


in Any case, run a 2s / 5s preview with each settings to save time and see which one feels right for you.
Topaz Video AI v3.0: Working with multiple video files - YouTube - how to use preview mode

Choose the option “width” and type in 1920. The height will be calculated according the width to keep the aspect ratio.