Upscaling DVD Videos directly from VOB format

A lot of people have DVD Videos so it would be extremely handy to have the Video Ai accept the VOB files eliminating the need to find a high quality program to make this transformation so that VIdeo Ai could work it’s magic.

It does accept unencrypted .vob files.

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not encrypted? I found my clip of Madonna in vob on the site, the best quality you can find normally since it’s the original file from a dvd, and it’s true that topaz recognizes it but we can’t apply a template to it :frowning:

Yes, TVAI works fine with VOB files.
In my flow I just “backup” DVD with WinX DVD Ripper, which just copies and merges selected titles, then upscale it in TVAI with suitable model.
Only additional steps required for multiple audio tracks (some of my project DVDs are multi-language).
But, VLC player has similar functionality for merging of MPEG-files.

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I recommend something like MakeMKV to decrypt DVDs (or VOB files if you already have them but they are still encrypted [VLC player can decrypt them for playback, but not save them decrypted as far as I know.]). There are several DVD ripping programs for all about the same price, but MakeMKV is the only one I know that will keep audio tracks, subtitles and chapters.

thank you, I just tried this software, I decrypted my vob file which gives a mkv, but I just tried again to import the vob with the latest version of vai, and the models work with it.

Thanks !
I did not know that Video Ai would accept VOB files, but that is still cumbersome because you have to later edit all the pieces together. Your recommendation makes everything easier.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Great, didn’t know it could accept VOBs

DVDs have a 1GB file size limit, and most any DVD content is going to span anywhere from 2 to 8 VOBs. Without the IFO file to sync everything up and keep the streams in order, I could see that turning into a big mess fast. MakeMKV is the way to go.

Use any DVD-backuper, which merge segments and export without compression (preferrable). For example - “WinX DVD Ripper” in “Main title backup” mode. Or use free tool like Handbrake, but try to use less compression and not to use “processing” abilities (unfortunately this tool not provide abiility to save without recoding).

If you have an issue just rename the vob to mpeg extension. Both work for me.

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Thanks finally finally my .vob files burnt with nero in 2007 never got well converted in mp4

but this version did it and upscaled in and enhanced it with X4 perfectly The final K X-factor 2006 is awesome in video and sound with leona LewIs . Very impressive result

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